Friday, September 24, 2010

Chamber Music Opens October 19th

Directed by Tulane faculty member Antony Sandoval, Chamber Music is set in 1938 and focuses on eight famous women from different historical periods who are interned at the same insane asylum.

Though the woman are identified by titles like “Woman with Gavel” or “Woman in Gossamer Dress,” Kopit’s women are, or believe themselves to be, Joan of Arc, Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart, Gertrude Stein, Queen Isabella I of Spain, explorer Osa Johnson, silent film star Pearl White, and Constanze Mozart.

The interactions of these eight women are marked by their limited interaction with The Man in White and his male Assistant. Chamber Music is heralded as a feminist tale signifying male oppression throughout history.

Despite the thoughtful nature of the show, Chamber Music is a quick-witted, playful show with physical comedy to enhance the absurdity of it all. Sandoval leaves the show open-ended, allowing the audience to decide where the lines of reality and fantasy are drawn and leaving it up to them to ultimately decide who is real—and who is not.

Chamber Music

Running October 19-23 at 8 p.m., October 23-24 at 2 p.m.

General Admission, $12

Tulane Faculty, Staff, Alumni, $9

Students & Seniors, $8

Photo: Shea Donovan as Woman in Queenly Spanish Garb, Maebetty Kirby as Woman in Aviatrix’s Outfit, and Becky Howsam as Girl in Gossamer Dress