Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Two Gentlemen" Photo Gallery Featured on the Tulane New Wave

Ofir Caspi as the Host, Stephen M. Eckert as Proteus, Gabriella Cerqueira as Sylvia, and Erin McCluskey and Maddie Dean as Sylvia's Posse.

Last night Two Gentlemen of Verona opened to standing ovation, and this morning the New Wave ran a photogallery featuring images from the production.

Two Gentlemen of Verona focuses on the fraternal friendship between Proteus and Valentine, two foolish young men with their hearts set on equally lovelorn young women, Julia and Sylvia. The loyalty of their friendship is sworn off as Proteus pursues Valentine’s love interest, Sylvia, and forsakes his relationship with Julia.

This production will feature festival actor Martin Covert, directed under festival actor and director Gary Rucker, and actor Jim Wright, who appeared in The NOLA Project's Romeo and Juliet.